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Because we include all the bones,

the Jakoten is a healthy food that can be recommended to people of all ages with its calcium, minerals, and quality protein.
Once the minced meat is fried with oil, it becomes soft and tasty with an added crunchiness from the finely ground bones.

Japan’s Top Notch Fishing Ground and Clean Market

The fishing ground, Uwa Sea, is one of Japan’s richest waters with abundant nutrients. Supreme fish that grew in waters where plankton flourish are taken to a highly controlled hygienic fish market.

Uwa Sea fish market fish market

Supreme Expertise in Quickly Preparing Fresh Fish

The Yawatahama Port near Hassui Kamaboko is the base for trawl fishing. Every day, we go there to buy fresh fish and take them to the food preparation place that is a few minutes from the port.
In order to cut off the heads, scales, and intestines of hairtail and horse mackerel appropriately for Hassui Jakoten’s main ingredients, it is essential to have proficient skills at hand. Over 10 professionals use their skills acquired and passed down through time to prepare the food.

Silverfish Horse mackerel Firefly fish

Cutting Edge Production Factory with Ultimate Food Safety

The new plant built in 2006 to achieve food safety and security of Hassui Kamaboko obtained the “Ehime HACCP” or Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point certificate.
With the specially controlled hygienic facility, we strive to prevent food accidents such as foreign matter contamination and food poisoning to secure further safety.


Thorough Quality Management from Fish Market to Frying

Hassui Kamaboko is thorough about preserving freshness, and its food preparation location is only a few minutes away by car from the fish market. During this short transport, we use a refrigerator truck and perform temperature checks at every step. The millstone for mixing minced fish is also surrounded by ice to keep the temperature from rising. This is how we ensure our Jakoten is packed with fish flavor.

The Jakoten fryer makes mass production and high quality possible

Hassui Kamaboko has a fryer dedicated to just frying Jakoten. Through efficient collaboration between people and automation, we are able to mass produce high quality products and boast the highest production in the Shikoku area.

Jakoten fryer

Healthy Food That Can Be Used for All Kinds of Dishes

Jakoten can be eaten cool, but it would be tastier when heated with a frying pan or microwave. Jakoten goes well with various ingredients and spices that are common in Japan such as soy sauce, ponzu vinegar, and grated daikon radish and even cheese.


Hassui Kamaboko sticks to safety and security as well as palatability.

Please consider the Jakoten produced by Hassui Kamaboko.